Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bears & Birth Talk

Man, the polar bear at the zoo was so fun to watch this morning. He was diving in, doing spins, and pushing his big feet off the glass right in front of us. We watched him for a long time. Then we got to see seven female elephants hang out together. The zoo keepers were so excited to have all seven in the same area for the first time today. You learned that the clouds move, when we stand still. You kept stopping to notice them moving. We had a snack under a tree and we watched bugs climb on and under our legs. It was a good morning.

I'm 18 weeks pregnant, and I keep wondering if that was your sister I just felt moving. I think it should be more obvious, but I'm so ready to feel her. You love to pull up my shirt and say "Baby's big, Mommyeh!" I switched to a midwives group who I'm quite excited about. First apt with them next week. That means I'll skip the drugs and try to have this baby old school...but at a very good hospital with trained midwives, and a doctor in case of emergency. I've just started to read and educate myself on what this is going to be like, and can I say that God was pretty good at creating woman to do such a thing?  I guess it's normal to be  nervous about the whole experience. As I read I become full of anticipation. I also keep thinking of your dear birth mom, who gave birth in rural Ethiopia. Talk about old school. I'm sure your great aunt or grandmother was there to help her through it. And I'm so grateful for her strength and courage to give birth to such a precious little you. I wonder how much you weighed, and how long you were. I would love to know your birth story. Oh, if we could only have a picture of little baby you.


  1. too funny-we were at the zoo on friday, and that bear was still doing the exact same thing. bored to tears, or just loves that move?

    your bump is too, too cute!

  2. Ever since hearing your story at the Adoption Institute at the Well, I've enjoyed reading your blog. It's a joy to see the growth of your beautiful family and the challenges and overwhelming success in your adoption story. My mother sent me this link today and thought you'd enjoy it.

  3. sweet friends! i am so thankful for the beautiful pictures and ability to connect with your lives! yay for a princess on the way! you are the luckiest! little-t has got the most amazing smile! love you guys beyond words and rejoicing in the Lord's grace over you. hugs! - Laura & Lee & co


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