Thursday, September 9, 2010

Baby's Mama, Here

I thought it would be fun to remember some of the pregnancy symptoms that I've been experiencing, most dramatically in the first 3 months:

Nausea, in the morning, noon, and especially night time.
Midnight Munchies, each time I get up to use the restroom (2-3 times) I would have to eat. Michael loved waking up to my chomping of cheerios in bed.
Insomnia, what's sleep for anyway? why not let my mind race all night. I've heard this is a helpful transition to the sleep deprived first months of babyhood.
Cravings of chocolate milk, cereal, milk, more cereal. Chai lattes, of course.Pasta with white sauce.
Awful aftertaste, especially with chinese food. This is one of my most annoying symptoms. I'll eat food with garlic or with any real flavor and the taste in my mouth afterwards is so strong. We ate PF Chang orange chicken, and the aftertaste drove me nuts. I brushed my teeth 5 times and it was still there. It's so odd.
Worn out, I definitely try to nap when Tegegne naps.
Bloody nose, got one of these early on and read that it's a symptom of pregnancy. Stuffy nose too.
Smells, phew, opening the refrigerator, trying to do dishes (for a few months I avoided dirty dishes), helping wipe someone's stinky behind. That dirty mop smell at the grocery store, phew.
Forgetfulness, wait, can I blame this on pregnancy. I think I can.
The Waddle, I've noticed myself walking very slowly, swaying back and forth, knees bent, toes out. The waddle.
Sarcasm, using this to cope with how bad I've felt. This is not a real symptom of pregnancy, but it helped me.

When I walk up stairs I can feel the extra blood pumping through my legs. It's weird.
I've bought things at the grocery store I never looked at before. Being there while prego and hungry are not good combos, but that is most of the time so it's inevitable. Today I left the g. store double fisting a banana and Twix wafer bar. The security guy (yes, I live in the city) said, "Wow, you must be hungry!"

Thanks to Groupon, I did a real workout today. Yes, something besides being pulled around the block by Owen and trying to push you in the little red car at the same time. One of the nicest gyms in Kansas City. I felt like I was on vacation. Thanks Groupon for my chance to go to this lovely gym 29 times for $29 when it's normally $450 (or something outrageous) to sign up.

My stomach is growing, got my first maternity jeans which I could have used a month ago. I did not like the belly band.

I am generally feeling better and I cannot wait to feel the first flutter in my belly. Thought it may have happened today, but not so sure.

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  1. WHAT?!?!?!?! Where have I BEEN?!?!?! I'm so excited for you guys!!!! I think you'll be amazed at how "similar" a paper pregnancy & a physical pregnancy is....although the paper pregnancy has the benefit of not having to lose a bunch of extra weight - while the physical pregnancy has a DEADLINE!!! That will be nice!!!!



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