Monday, September 20, 2010

You Turned Three

You did it, turned three! Your dad gave such a special speech that people said I stayed teary eyed the whole party. (I'd like to blame half of this on extra hormones, but half was because I was really happy). The party was lots of fun. You were overwhelmed when you opened presents, and just wanted to play with the first one opened. We have put half of your new things in the basement to pull out for a rainy day. You sang Happy Birthday all weekend, but you were wide eyed and silent when we all sang to you yesterday. It was awesome to have many friends and family celebrate with us. 

Today marks approximately 3 years of your life. Ababayeh and I have thought a lot about birth mom the past few days. She must be thinking of you and missing you. Did I ever mention that we have a chance to send photos to Sodo that are printed and delivered to your birth family? I have done this twice and got a report back that they were very glad to see you well. It's quite amazing that we are so closely tied in this way.  

Ababayeh has made an extra effort lately to get down and play with you. You glow with excitement the whole time you are playing. Because of this, your new favorite question is, "(Mommyeh, Taryn, Ababayeh, Micah) want to play with me?"

Happy Birthday Son. We love you.

Mommyeh & Ababayeh

Baby bellies at Cousin Olivia's party last weekend. 


  1. Happy Birthday big guy!!! Emenet loved seeing of Tenegne's pictures. She is waiting anxiously for her birthday next month. Thanks for the reminder about being able to send pictures to the birth mom. You are a beautiful pregnant lady! You are truly glowing! Take care. Give the guys a hug for us! Blessings, Kim

  2. Happy birthday Gunyea!! We love you and are excited about our Ethiopian dinner in a couple of weeks. I'm also excited to see your friendship grow with Annabelle. Your sister and her brother will be good buddies too, I'm sure. :)


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