Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hey Boy

Hey boy, did you know it's almost your birthday? I can't wait for you to get your big gift from all your grandparents. You are going to scoot around the town on that thing! I can't wait for your size 8 shoes to come in the mail, so I can wrap them for your party. (wish I could have bought these but can i buy Zara in USD online?) I can't wait for the celebration this Sunday with about 50 of our family and friends! (Dear Lord, would you please keep the rain minimal so we do not have to cram into our sweet little bungalow that we have all spiffed up to sell!)

We have hair cuts on Friday (an Ethiopian gentleman in town asked what we planned to do with your hair...hint...hint), Olive's birthday to attend on Saturday, Gma Debby, Gpa Ben, Uncle Eric, & Aunt Erica coming to town, and lots to get ready before noon on Sunday.

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