Tuesday, July 5, 2011

peach photo

A peach for me, and a peach for you. That would make us a happy two. Who doesn't love a fresh peach in the summertime? The kind that you bite into and juice runs down your arm. That is one of my recent favorite things. A juicy peach arm is much better than a 4 month old's spit up down the arm. It takes patience and a watchful eye to get a peach at it's prime. If only fruit could talk. 

"Hey, don't buy me. I'm coming down with a bad mold and it will show its face tomorrow, right when you are ready to eat me." 

"If you get me today, I hope you can wait 4 days until I am good an juicy."

On another note, do you know the trick to buying a good pineapple or cantaloupe? For pineapple, you must be able to easily pluck a leaf from the top of the fruit. For cantaloupe, smell the core end and if you can catch a slight cantaloupe whif then its a go. If there is no scent, it is not ripe yet.

There ya go. Happy fruity Tuesday, I guess.

(Since Michael has been home we have been ubber productive. I love demo projects that yield beautiful results. We love this house. Tore out the carpet in our entry, staircase, and 2nd floor and found gorgeous hardwood floors. Also opened up the "servant" staircase to be usable. It's so fun. Another random cool idea emerged from that...we cut little window boxes out between the servant stairs and the kitchen. I drew it up in sketch up and gave Michael 3 ideas to pick from. He picked, I measured it out and traced a record, and he cut the squares. Once we paint the wall I'll take some photos!)

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  1. Ah! I can't wait to see all the amazing changes!


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