Friday, July 15, 2011

A Note From Everyone

Bookie Woogie

A Note from:

The Mom: I've enjoyed cooking dishes like this from my PInterest food boards (great cooking source!). I am currently trying to find the perfect peach to paint our bathroom, folding laundry, hanging with the children, and still reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I also enjoy our pool and picnic outings. 

The Dad: I'm guessing the best parts of his summer so far are talking with Hensley after school, (she seriously has a crush on him!) the Spin Pizza Group Ride, (best in the city!) evening chats with the neighbors, watching The Tour, throwing the football with this dude, meeting us at the pool after school, and today. Today is quite good. It's his last day to work until mid August!

The Little Guy:  Most recently you've been obsessed with carefully taking my earrings on and off. You gave me a foot rub this morning and used a ton of my Burts Bee's foot balm! You drink Ovaltine each morning. You spend half of the time at the pool under water. You are walking around saying "Talkin' Trash!" You've been enjoying the book A Teeny Tiny Baby

Our Teeny Tiny Baby: (She wanted to speak for herself.) Hi guys. My toofies weally huwt. I don't think anyone of you understand da pain. Tank God fow Humphwey's All Natuwal Teething Pewets. Sewiously, da thwobbing wakes me from my nap and makes me cwy. I'm usuawy happy. On the othew hand, I am looking fowawd to sowid foods. I can do tings like almost sit up, and watching you eat weally wooks fun. I ovewhewd you telling dad dat it may be another month and a half til I get to twy sowid food, and I tought, weally, dat's a long time to wait. I wuv the bath and pool and being a baby. Being a baby means the fans are always shooting towawds me! 

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