Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kids: Confession + Conversation

Okay, confession. I spoke proudly the other day of not having television, boasting that we survive well without it. Well, I've had an inkling of guilt ever since writing that so proudly!  You ask yourself, what could my children be looking at so intently in the photo above? Well friends, that would be a School House Rock, Earth dvd playing on our Mac computer. We survive without the standard "television", yes, but it's not like we are without technology. I mean, it's quite obvious that this mama gets her fair share of computer time.

I feel better after getting that off my chest.  Thanks. 

Now on to Conversation with You, Tegegne:

(On the drive home from special play dough making time with mommy's friend, Miss Emily)
T: "Mommyeh, can you read me that book?" (The one I just got from the library, since Miss Emily conveniently lives across the street from the downtown library in the Library Lofts.)
M: "Not while I'm driving, silly."
T: "But you could drive with one hand, and read with the other..."

(While tucking you in for naptime)

M: "What do you want to thank God for?"
T: "Our car...the gray car, the red car, Donnie's car (Donnie's our neighbor!), my fan, that Owen would not get in the trash, my curtains...(at the moment you prayed for your curtains I laughed so you laughed, and we both couldn't stop. We were lying side by side, hugging with that contagious giggle.)

These moments with you are my favorite. Yes. When I catch your handsome smile that overtakes your face, I think that Ababayeh are in for it when the girls start coming around. You are ornery enough right now that your smile doesn't often swoon me into letting you get your way, but those moments that you are sweet or funny your dad and I want to eat you up!

Kids, won't you stay young and innocent forever? Please?



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  1. Oh my goodness, that picture could not be more precious! Love seeing life from your view:)


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