Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nothing Beats It

The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

Nothing beats late nights with Michael in the kitchen, slowly enjoying his delectable chocolate chip cookies.  Seriously. I usually scoop them off the hot pan with my fingers because I can't wait for them to cool. Ummmm. With a cold glass of milk in a mason jar of course. A good time to chat, which currently means that I am learning a lot about The Tour. I love it. I can even sort of hold a conversation about The Tour these days because I've been a good listener. 

Nothing beats it. Except the early morning cookie that didn't get eaten the night before. Or the late night cookies that he promised to make with our awesome friends in Austin, Texas this weekend! We are taking a last minute trip to Austin, and we cannot wait to explore the city but especially spend time with our friends. Michael and Johnny G go way back and they are ridiculous together. Tanya and I usually can't stop laughing. And we've both become parents since we've hung out last. We are in for quite a weekend. 

Sorry I'm having weekend talk and it's only Wednesday.

Hopefully yours will come sooner than you know it!

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