Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Our Day


our day consisted of the following:

wake up. eight am. breakfast of leftover blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes. mom had carnation inst. breakfast so gunyea could eat the pancakes. (still out of cereal). visit jessie at jcrew. say bye bye jessie. then to standard style boutique. a $20 rack. who knew? mom bought cardigan off $20 rack. gunyea wants to leave store to drive car and looks for the keys. store lady distracts gunyea and plays with him. leave store. gunyea "drives" the car with mom in passenger seat. (pretends to drive, plays with radio, luckily does not know how to honk the horn). cell phone rings with odd looking number. it's ababayeh on the phone! (host fam has a way he can call for free!)

back home. eat lunch. gunyea naps. katie comes over and visits with mom. then olive comes with her mom in pink car. gunyea gets in red car and we go on a "date" to the park. then a walk. then to olives house. then home with a detour to bob and momo's across the street. then home for good. gunyea's bath. pizza delivered. yum. brush teeth. read. pray. eight pm. or a little after. night night ababayeh. we miss you.

1 comment:

  1. It sounds like you had a lot of fun mixed in with the hectic moments. Gunyea sounds like he is a GREAT shopper! Stay strong, ebatish will be home


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