Friday, May 7, 2010

Message from France

Got to chat with Michael this afternoon, and he sent the photos above! He is enjoying his visit with the folks in Bayonne. His host family took him to a dinner with their friends, and they ate for four hours. Visited, ate cheese, drank red wine, and soaked up the evening. He says Bayonne is quite lovely. Normally 75-90 degrees, and no humidity. He's 30 minutes from the ocean and two hours from mountains with ski slopes. Tomorrow he visits Spain with the principal and other teachers. A French hospital welcomed Michael and a student for 5.5 hours today, as a student fell 3 feet from a tree and broke his arm. Not the best way to spend the day, but the fellow got a cast and is okay.

You, Gunyea climbed on my lap today and pointed to the computer and asked if we could talk to Ababayeh. We looked at photos of him instead. You were kissing the screen. Then you insisted that I kiss the screen. Too bad your dad didn't jump through the screen and kiss back.

(Here at Big Sky you are giving Grandpa Ben a workout with the game of tag. You probably ran a half mile tagging Grandpa and chasing Jack. Your little legs can move pretty fast. We spent the day visiting Grandma Jody and playing at Gramma Debby's store. G Debby made you a bed at her store so you could nap there while I sorted through our storage.)

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