Thursday, May 6, 2010


In honor of your dear 'ol dad, I thought I'd post photos of Bayonne since I haven't received any from him. We did skype twice yesterday, which was quite nice. He is enjoying his host family. While skyping he introduced us to the children in his host family. They were sitting on his lap and I think you were confused. Your bottom lip came out and you almost cried, so he explained that they were only friends, and then they went back to their parents. 
He and the host dad took a jog along the beach last night. He plans to eat chocolate croissants like they are going out of style, and enjoy the French culture of Bayonne. Two days ago at lunch out of the blue you said, "Ababayeh e airplane to Fance."

Photo credit.

In the mean time we are loving time at Big Sky with the Gma's and Pa's. Here at Big Sky we run through fields of green grass, eat hearty meals, and take lots of rides in the "mule." Looking forward to seeing Uncle Eric and Aunt Erica this weekend!

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