Sunday, May 16, 2010

14 Days

Gunyea, hasn't this been the longest two weeks ever? Daddy's home tomorrow. Hip Hip Horray!

While daddy was away, you and I did the following:

day 14. ordered a pizza and had it delivered (can't remember when we last had food delivered). hung out with neighbors bob and momo.
day 13. visit jessie. play with olive and rachel. hang out with bob and momo.
day 12. head to big sky ranch. skype with daddy. take a ride around the farm on the mule
day 11. play hard with grandpa ben and gramma debby. eat good food.
day 10. play more with gramma debby. help her at her store downtown salisbury. (great finds there!) 
day 9. deliver river rock to gma jody. ride in gpa's truck with no carseat! play with uncle eric and aunt erica. 
day 8. go to hometown church. get to stand up with the other mothers in church! read mothers day note from daddy and cry. get two framed pics of you (gunyea) and i on the swing. back to kc to celebrate M. Day with Joneses. eat Stroud's fried chicken and catch up with family. missed daddy's call. bummer.
day 7. home and back into routine. get excited for taryn's new job. eat pulled pork sandwiches that gramma debby sent home. owen spent whole day in the basement b/c he was wiped out from time at the farm. 
day 6. owen still in the basement trying to recuperate. take a long walk after the rain to get ready to keep up with daddy who has been walking all over france. relax at home. 
day 5. another long walk before the rain came. dinner and hang out with good friends, the heinleins. they sent leftovers home with us. so nice!
day 4. play group at church. friend katie over for dinner. mom and katie watch audrey hepburn's sabrina
day 3. play with olive and rachel. longest afternoon/evening walk mommy's taken in a long time. didn't bring owen. friday night and ready to have plans, but had none. turned into a great evening with you, and later good down time for me.  dinner at jimmy johns then murray's icecream...mojito sherbert was awesome). 
day 2. go with Grandpa, Nana, and Cousin Mason to Big Lake Cabin up north. you play hard with mason while owen was obsessed with this squeek toy from Nana. He lost and found it in the lake over and over. 
day1. home from lake, Cousin Rowan's first birthday party. get daddy's phone fixed, phone numbers lost b/c old phone shot. bummer. home for dinner, play time with Philvis who brought you a bat and ball.  bath, brush, books and sleep. pick Ababayeh up tomorrow! humm, what to wear?

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