Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Beet Boy


You (and Dwight Schrute) have captured my heart since you share my love for beets. I grew up on pickled beets (yum), but lately we've just been eating them as is (cooked, of course). Yesterday Taryn and I were quite concerned at the bright magenta color of your "number two". It didn't take long for us to realize it was the beets.

Aside from being my beet boy you are cracking yourself up with simple jokes, using more sentences instead of single words, still obsessed with driving, and really bonding with Ababayeh. You usually say, "Mommyah rock you?" but you've been changing that to "Ababayeh rock you?" And yesterday you said, "Jess rock you?" over and over because for 2 days I had been preparing you for your new babysitter Jess to come. You had a blast with Jess, and she said she wants to adopt b/c she enjoyed time with you. But back to Ababayeh...he's teaching you the somersault, he takes you to the park, and he makes you tons of your favorite food. Bread aka "dabo" which you've always pronounced "babo."

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