Saturday, May 1, 2010

How are you?

"Mommmmyyyyyeeehhhh, get this off my nose and stop taking my picture! (You asked me to put this clown nose on your nose, btw. (Thank you Philvis. Philvis used to only bring gourmet dog treats for Owen, but now he shows up with toys for you!))

"Ababayehhhh, ababayehhhh....gloves."

You recently enjoy sticking your head through the open screen door and asking neighbors, or anyone walking by, "Hello. How are you?" or just "How are you?" Then if they hear you they respond asking you and you say "I'm fine." If they don't hear you, you ask louder. It's quite cute. You also ask Ababayeh and I at random how we are doing. It's Saturday afternoon, and you have asked Ababayeh how he is doing about 8 times throughout the day. Thanks for asking, Gunyea.

We've had more visits with Olive and her mom. We went to their house last, and Mommy was very excited about the super cool renovations they've done. When Ababayeh came home I had big ideas of adding onto our kitchen!

Your legs are looking longer each day. You are growing, but have probably not jumped to the top of the American 2 yr old size chart. A random man at the art fair asked your age and then told your dad you looked "dinky." Luckily Ababayeh held his tongue, but he did not appreciate what that man had to say about your size.

I think your "How are you's?" are genuine, but it will be fun to some day converse about how things are going. And I look forward to overhearing your conversations with friends like Olive.


  1. I was just thinking today of our conversation about Philvis. Gunyea looks great! Always thinking and praying for you all!!

  2. Please tell me that Jones Party of 3 is coming to Alumni Weekend at Kivu this month!!! Please tell me the answer is YES!!!


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