Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Going To School

Well, you are off to school part time starting in July.  I found a good spot for you to make some friends and do fun activities, while I go to work. I'll drop you off in the morning, and your pops will pick you up! When we visited the school you were excited about all the stuff for little people. One of the recent classroom themes was "outside in" and they worked with dirt, leaves, and stuff from nature in their classroom when they couldn't be outside. You will be a 2-3 year old classroom where you don't have to be potty trained. You are almost there. Most accidents happen when you are busy playing. I've been trying some new rewards lately because the sticker chart is full. Always up for suggestions!

I can't wait to hear your stories and learn the names of your friends. I mentioned school to you today and you said, "School bus?" Maybe not at this school, but some day. 

You are becoming more of a jokester. You think you're so funny. I think you're funny too. Today you had me laughing  while I was trying to say, "That's not funny. Not nice either." But I just couldn't quit laughing, and you knew you had me. 

Today I noticed the change from toddler to boy (that your dr. said i would see). We sat on the back deck and ate for an hour and watched birds. I really enjoyed it. Got up to go water the lawn (because you take a long time at lunch) and you asked me to "sit pease". So I did, and we laughed and watched the birds in the big beautiful trees. 

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