Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Back to 3

Daddy's home. And he came back with lots of goodies for us from great shops like Bout'chou for you and Zara, Kookai, and Promod for me. And a pair of Victoria's (sneaks from Spain). Delicious chocolates (which Bayonne is known for), a wonderful rubber bib & books for you, chai tea for me, and a few other gifts. He did well! He also got you a traditional French onsie to sleep in. We already spent the morning at the zoo visiting a gorilla and some cheetas. He's got some chocolate bread in the works (rising now), and he's sharing great stories of the culture in Bayonne.

So the trip was good for all of us. Hopefully we'll visit Bayonne someday because your dad sure enjoyed it there.  

Here's us a the zoo awhile back. It's more fun to capture your reaction to the animals. You were checking out the tigers in these shots.

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  1. Lil T!! You give those tigers the finger! Show'em who's boss.


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