Saturday, May 22, 2010

For the Record

As your father stated well, this was a Saturday for the record books. The morning started with the boys, (you, Ababayeh, and Owen) going to the park. I slept in, then did some yoga on the back porch. We went to the City Farmer's Market, which was packed. Got a bunch of good produce for cheap. Beets, avocado, carrots, oranges, tangerines, bananas, potatoes, green beans, tomatoes, red onions, limes, lettuce...a whole lot for $25. Then we stopped at the Mexican Market and got local tortilla chips for pico di gayo + carnitas, black beans, and rice. Your dad went 45 miles on his bike while you napped.  Then to Smithville Lake for an evening picnic by the water. Owen loves swimming, as most labs do. A "special treat" at Sonic. Home. Daddy put you to bed, then he and I enjoyed a glass of wine on the front porch. A great day. 

Forgot to mention how affectionate you've been lately. Ababayeh was making bread while I was packing our picnic and you kept kissing your dad's leg and then mine. You kiss us often, at random. It's so unexpected and sweet. 

We love you, kid. It's so fun to be a family of three. 


  1. Love, love, love that pic of you and your baby boy, K!!!

  2. whoa! that sounds like a pretty perfect day to me! and yes, we need to hang soon! Maybe this week sometime before Aaron leaves for camp.

  3. Sounds like an awesome day!!

  4. hey!! i've been LOVING keeping up and reading about the fam! the little guy is adorable! aaaand, chris and i are actually moving to Portland Oregon in a few weeks and second day stop on our road trip cross country is Kansas City. Hoping to maybe see you guys if you're not too busy?! It would be June 17th. anyhow...let me know! we would love to see you and meet the newest addition to the family :)

  5. I love seeing photos of you three, sounds like you had an awesome day. We need to get together real soon.


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