Monday, May 3, 2010

Hello May!

Welcome month of May! How are you?

Well Gunyea, you and I both know how the first half of our month will go. We will be missing Ababayeh like crazy. Today we sent him off to France with the 6th graders from his school. They will spend two weeks in Bayonne, France. I cried a little at the airport, but tried to hide it. Other moms were crying because they were sending their kiddos across the ocean for the first time. I was crying because we are genuinely going to miss your dad! Hopefully he'll check in often, won't you Ababayeh?

Other fun things in May:

-Photoshoot with friend Grant for M Magazine who wants to do a story about us for their June/July issue! Stay tuned.
-Going to Big Sky for 5 days to visit Gma and Pa Iman.
-Celebrating Mothers Day as a mother. Your dad left a present that I must wait to open!
-Doing an Adoption Institute at church and sharing our journey at one meeting.
-Celebrating Uncle Eric's birthday!
-Memorial Day Weekend Family Reunion!
-A family photoshoot with Erika at the end of the month!

Photoshoot with Grant.


  1. You all look beautiful! What an awesome family!!!!! Happy 1st Mother's day, be blessed! I will keep you in my prayers while Micheal is away! Miss you all, Kim

  2. 1. You're so cute.
    2. Happy Mother's Day (in advance)
    3. Sad that you aren't coming to Kivu!


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