Monday, May 24, 2010

Man Down, Man Down...

Alright dude, here we go...your mom is sick.   I came home with a cold from France, you were sick as soon as I got home with an ear infection.  We are both doing better, but now we passed off our germs to her.  Since it is our fault, I see it only necessary to take care of her.  (We'd do it anyway right?!)

Here is our first test.  Can we overcome the odds and make it through these next few days.  Your mom is the M.V.P. of this family, and with her out of commission we have some serious work to do.

She definitely won't like being sick, so you need to give her the "special treatment", and I'll fill her with Sprite and fluids.  Seeing that my bedside manner is about as good as cup with a hole in the bottom, we need to concentrate here.  You keep the kleenex coming and I'll see if I can give her some time to relax.  You have your assignment, I have mine.


Feel better moms,

the boys

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