Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tag Team: Back Again

Not many things in life are more satisfying, more rich, more trying and tough, more full of hope and life than the sweet sweet bond of marriage. 

God is doing a good work in Michael and I, showing us that life together can be way good when we tap into the rich source of life in Jesus. I'd say getting through tough times isn't easy, but afterwards there is a new perspective, a deeper understanding, and enduring love. 

Parenthood has tried us the most, and brought us deep joy. Tonight we had a few simple moments that made us glad. Tegegne has a new favorite song, "You Make Beautiful Things" and he was singing it with all his heart in the back seat. And he then said, "God made us out of the dust!" On the way home from visiting a friend, Hensley was crying a sleepy cry. Often we are not excited to hear this, but tonight Michael pointed out the sweet sound of life coming through her little cry. We were comparing it to the first time we heard her cry. Pulled in the drive and did the usual, one-to-one carry the kids to bed routine, but again Michael pointed out how sweet it was. Sweet to have our children rest in our arms and trust us to carry them to their cozy beds and wish them a good night. 

Doing these things together, with Michael, makes all the difference. 

Tag team, back again.



P.S. (There ya go, Jacob and Nickie, a line item or two for your "pro's" list!) 

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  1. thanks for sharing this. its a good reminder to notice and appreciate my husband's contributions in every day life. we don't have kids yet, but i look forward to getting to know him as a father.


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