Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hensley Ruth: 15 Months

Starter: Enthralled by edamame!
You obviously enjoyed the main course! (Chili. Since 9 months's been your fave!)

Hensley Ruth,

You eat and sleep so well and laugh, dance, and cry some in between. You are more recently becoming outgoing and it is so much fun to watch. At First Fridays you danced the night away and at least 10 people (we do not know!) got you and your bro on video. Your dad and I did not, unfortunately.  

Your 15 month check up went well. You're in the 10th percentile for height (29 inches) and weight (19 lb, 6 oz), but are growing at a good rate. Your favorite words are shoe, wow, bubby (diaper), bubba (Tegegne), daddy, and mommy. You are repeating us more and have even said some French words which made your daddy well pleased. Your entering toddlerhood, but luckily it's not the teens and you still snuggle with me.

We love you so much!


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