Monday, June 4, 2012

Backyard Bash: Food, Friends, Wiffle Ball

Hey cuties! 
From besties, to big bellies, to babies babies babies! (Hazel is due July 7 and Fields October 3!) If you're into holding babies, come over this fall. We'll have plenty to go around!

Tegegne, nice photography skills. I pulled a "you..." gave you a goofy face and you didn't even ask for one!

We had such a good night with our friends. BBQ smoked ribs, cauliflower gratin (via Cooks Illustrated), good 'ol pasta salad, lemonade, and brownies + whipped cream with fresh picked raspberries for dessert. Plus Michael's delicious dark hot chocolate via his trip to Southern France. 

Outdoor dinner, then a game of wiffle ball at the park. And let me tell you, nothing beats baseball with two pregnant ladies. Thanks for the good times, ya'll.



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