Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dear Tegegne: Hi Kid!

Dear Tegegne,

Hi there. I'll start by saying what Olivia's mom says, "You wear me out, but I love you." You are so thoughtful, intuitive, funny, and wild, strong-willed, and full of life! Friends say you are mellowing out a bit. You can entertain yourself, and I appreciate that. If I don't stick to my effective "timeout" 1-2-3 counting, I'll find myself in a discussion with you that is not necessary. I must remember, even though I count a lot, that it's still the most effective way of discipline. 

You and Ababayeh rode bikes along all of Cliff Drive the other night. He was so proud of you. Many hours have been spent in your sandbox already. You love that thing. I don't record our conversations that often, but like most kids your age you say lots of funny things. 

Here's a bit from this morning:

T: "Penguins make a circle so they can get cool! They just come together..."

T: "Mom, what if I had a "deck" on my back? 
M: "A duck?"
T: "No, a deck! Like Ababayeh is going to build in the back yard."
M: "Oh, well I guess people would walk on your back."
T: "But not without asking first, right?"

T: "If you were a chocolate mommy, Fields would be chocolate, right?"

M: "Tegegne, what is the rule with Hensley on the stairs?"
T: "Not to touch her...but I was just helping her. She was in danger."

T: "I can't wait to go to the swimming pool and meet Ababayeh there!"

We love you son,


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