Thursday, June 28, 2012

Like Mother: Like Daughter

My Mommy and Me
Me and My Mommy's Leg!
Me and You!

Dear Hensley,

Hi little gal. I got some photos from my mama of me as a baby girl. Everyone asks your dad and I "who you look like." Most think you look more like your dad, and I'd agree. However, you do look a bit like me as a wee one. I guess that's what happens when genes collide, right? You look a bit like both of us! I'll post photos of your dad as a baby boy soon!

You are 16 months old today. Tegegne is your best friend. He loves you so much. You even let him be rough and tumble on occasion. Your dad is pretty fond of you as well. And so is Grandpa Ben. Those boys, what have you done to them? You're also my little buddy and I totally love relaxing with you. You're now saying "Up Peese," you rub my belly and say ba-bee, you dance with or without music. We love you, kid.



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