Friday, June 15, 2012

Bicycle Basket: Stay-Cation

Hi there. Good morning. Ours started out quite lovely with a surprise trip to Soho Bakery from Ababayeh (If you're new here, "Ababayeh" means "Daddy" in Amharic, our son Tegegne's native language). Michael has the week off and it's been a true stay-cation. We love having him home!

Monday we enjoyed the zoo. Love that African Sky Safari. Tuesday we hit up Jarboe Pool. Wednesday we visited the model train exhibit in Union Station, then took the Skywalk to Crown Center where we checked out the Dino Exhibit, shopped at Halls, and ate D'Bronx Pizza on the Crown Center Plaza. Last night we went back to the Y for pool time and Zumba. 

Michael and Adam worked on plumbing our 1st floor bathroom last night, so I must continue to design that space! That and our back deck are the next projects underway! 

Kansas City-ians...Do yourself a favor and go to Soho Bakery! Just East of Broadway on 8th Street. Robin the owner, also owns the Filling Station. Her vision for Soho Bakery is awesome. Open M-F, 7am-2pm. They have delicious pastries and coffee (au lait for me!), pizza of the day, soup, and quiche for lunch. 

If I was to sum up this week with one word it would be enjoy. We are truly enjoying each other.

Hope you can take time to kick back and enjoy your fam as well. 



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