Saturday, June 2, 2012

Living Life: More Simply

So this has been on the forefront of my mind as of late. That being "to simplify." Besides purging our goods for our upcoming yard sale, I think there is more to the idea. There are some pretty good life lessons in the posters above. 

It's twofold really. The parts that are more difficult (for me at least...)

listen and learn.
...where "they" need you right there (they being my family).
let it go.
make it work.
be content.
take time.
what matters most.

These come more easily to me but reminders are nice...

laugh and play.
relax and enjoy.
live in the sunshine.
dream. (i'd say this one is the easiest.)

It's harder to attain these things when there are parts of our lives are difficult. The hopeful part of me knows that there is often blessing, peace, rejoicing, in the midst of or after the troubles. I must be looking for it though. The hope, that is. I've got to drop my bags and pursue it. So here's to hope, and simplicity.



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