Friday, June 8, 2012

Daydream Friday: Celebrating!

Kirsten Lewis Photo.
Happy Weekend! Michael had his last day of school yesterday and we are celebrating all weekend! Well, we kind of started celebrating last night. Backyard BBQ with 80's dance music (which had all 4 of us dancing our booties off!), put the kids to bed and headed to Neighbor Larry's for a fruit pickin' date (apricots and raspberries...yum!). Toured a neighbors well-designed home and another neighbors pre-estate sale. 

Tonight we'll go to an outdoor theatre for this show.

Tomorrow we'll have a yard sale (with mostly kids toys which we were overloaded with), go to the neighborhood grill-out, and go to this movie. And did I mention that we'll have a sitter tonight and another one all day tomorrow? And tomorrow's sitter is a good friend and doing it for free!

Here are some other things you may enjoy to kick off your weekend...

1. This photographer is awesome. I love her style AND she is coming to Kansas City to do an advanced workshop for photographers!

2. Wouldn't you love a sweet outdoor spot like this

3. Have a friend that is having a baby? If so, I hope you know about this! It's a super duper kind way to bless families with new little ones. 

4. Have kids? We are going to make something like this for an outdoor place to play! 

5. This looks like an interesting and yummy thing to throw on the grill! 

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