Friday, June 1, 2012

Pinky Pink: Sweet Summertime

(drapery, watermelons, pillows, drink, bedroom, vases, ceiling, door.)

Hello there. What a wonderful week for some pink, yes? Today I'm wearing a sheer top in more of the dusty rose category, but it's pink enough. There are less and less articles of clothing that I'm pulling out of my closet to wear over this baby bump these days. Baby Fields is growing well in there! Hensley had her 15 month check up and is good to go. Tegegne is busy as ever, requests our French music each time we're in the car, and is looking forward to our train ride to Chicago!
Now if we can just get Michael to get over the shingles. Ick. Know anyone that has had them? They are brutal and I'm so ready for him to feel well again. We just paid him a surprise visit to school, which he absolutely loved and of course we could hang out there all day if it was allowed. 

It's First Fridays here in Kansas City, so a great night to get out on the town. Last month Hensley could not get enough of the live music, so she'll be sure to wear her dancing shoes out tonight!

Enjoy the weekend, and try to include something pink, if you will.



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