Monday, April 19, 2010


Tonight is our 3 month post placement meeting with our social worker. She will write a long report that will go back to Ethiopia, as they make sure that each child placed in a family is well cared for. She will ask a number of questions regarding attachment/bonding, sleeping, eating, intellectual development, growth, etc.

Must have the house looking spiffy and ourselves in order by 5pm! Also must get 4 photos on a 8.5 x 11 paper with captions. Do they know that 4 photos 4x6 don't exactly fit on 8.5x11 paper? Guess I'll crop them down. I am in this get-things-done-in-a-hurry mode where I run around the house finishing half of one thing then half of another. This behavior would easily drive many people, like your father, crazy. I will eventually get everything done and I am checking off of a list in my recently found planner, but my brain moves too fast to get one thing done at a time.

The first project was to tidy up your room, which turned into a display wall project where I nailed vintage strips of fabric in 3 rows and hung some of your artwork and family photos with clothes pins. Then I hung a few other pictures. I know, my list only said "clean your room."

We have had many great family outings lately including, bike rides to daddy's school, cousin Chloe's first birthday party, and a trip to the zoo!
Photos coming soon.

These 3 pics are from a visit to school during the day to interrupt recess. Ababayeh's students are sweet when they play with you.

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  1. kristyn, it was SO great to meet you and tegegne on saturday. He's absolutely the cutest little guy EVER! hopefully we'll see you around sometime!!! anna


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