Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Time to Mow

The grass is green. Yay. Time to mow. It's fun to hear the mowers running through the neighborhoods. While driving through the fancy neighborhoods today I noticed many lawncare trucks and remodeling vans. Tis the season for homeowners to come out of hibernation and get ready to compete for "Home of the Month."

Ababayeh found this easy-to-use-fuel-free-electric mower on Craigs list, since I blew our old elec mower up by trying to mow wet grass that may have been 11" tall last summer.
You felt so empowered pushing the mower, and you were focused.
After mowing you helped put leaves in a bag, move sticks from one place to the next, and throw grass seed down. Your hair held fifty plus grass seedlings when you were finished.

We spent the weekend at Big Sky Ranch where you had a blast with Grandpa Ben and Gramma Debby. We probably took 15 mule rides total. They have this 4-wheel ATV that is called a mule. We got to visit lots of family, including Uncle Eric and Aunt Erica. We had a bonfire, helped Gramma Debby plant flowers, hunted for mushrooms, took a canoe ride, and slept in. 90% of our time was spent outdoors. (Gramma Debby, please send pictures!)

We also gathered on the sad occasion for the funeral of a dear friend, Mark Roling. Mark watched me grow up and was very close to Grandpa Ben and Uncle Eric. He helped at Iman Auction Company for as long as I can remember. There was a very nice service held at the Catholic Cemetery in Salisbury. Grandpa Ben wrote a nice letter about Mark which was read by the Priest. We will all miss Mark.

Tonight we had a nice family outing where you rode in the bike trailer, I pulled you on my bike, and Ababayeh ran. I loved riding at the pace that Michael ran, instead of trailing in his dust on his road bike. We made it to a park in Brookside, then back home and to Oklahoma Joes bbq. Wish I would have just gone with the smoothie idea I originally had instead of OJ, but we had fun! I never thought I'd be able to pull you, but I did by golly. I think I could do it again, too.

You are growing to know an love your family, and we are definitely loving you, Little Gunyea.

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  1. Say, my grass could use some help when you are finished there! Adorable pictures. We love reading about the progress T is making. Keep the wonderful stories coming!!


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