Friday, April 16, 2010

Phew, feeling better!

Since my last post I've already had a babysitter offer from Heather, been contacted by old friends who are interested in adopting, and gotten this response from my awesome husband...

the shoes....get 'em. (permission to buy Sseko sandals!)

-I am writing the 3rd month post placement thing
- I'll vacuum the car when i get home
-I'll get the veggies you want to plant before I get home today
-I'll wash owen as well...

That should help your list a tad.
Sorry I sent you on a wild goose chase today with "Ruby". (our car)

Let me know what else i can do for you...

...what great support, huh? Maybe I should write desperate to do lists here more often!

You, little man, only slept for 45 minutes instead of your normal 2 hrs. So we have been working on your summersault, you've been drawing, you turned on the vacuum and were terrified and ran 90 mph away from it, and you asked if we could go outside. So here we CVS to get our photos for the post placement report!

1 comment:

  1. God bless Michael! A husband who tells a new mommy to get herself some new shoes is to be praised. Enjoy your deserve them! Kiss that sweet little boy for me :)


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