Sunday, April 25, 2010


The 6 month marker is when we go to the Jackson County court house on your behalf (I think you actually come with us!) and when we can start the adoption process again. As we seek God's direction, the voice in our heads says yes...adopt again...God is faithful and good. We are 4 months in, so we will see where the next two take us.

With that said, I think I will say a prayer.

Dear God,
You are good. Your love has overwhelmed me. You provide and you look after our family of three. You take us through a storm, to show us the rainbow in the clear sky. May we surrender our being to you each day. Thank you for our beautiful, precious son, Tegegne. May you show him your ways, Lord. May we love like Jesus, so Gunyea will have good examples to follow. People can see his joy already. His prayers are sweet. Thank you for this gift. Our son.

As we look to the sixth month, will you help us? Our hearts are full as we think of adopting again. We have seen your faithfulness, God. Please increase our faith and guide our hearts. I can picture the children now. The ones waiting and hoping for a mommy and daddy. The ones too young to understand, but still confused. It's so hard to imagine that Gunyea was once there, fatherless, sick, and hungry. Oh God, please calm my overwhelmed heart and tell me that you are with these children. And God, please provide a way for us to bring another child, so worthy of love, into our family.



  1. Hi Guys. We too are praying about adopting again. We have been so blessed through this experience. I will be praying for you as God works out the details!!!!! Miss you all. Your prayer is a sweet offering unto the Lord! Blessings, Kim. Bill and the kiddos1

  2. I vote: DO IT AGAIN!!! You are GREAT parents! But don't feel pressure to start right away. . .you have SO MUCH TIME. . .enjoy party of 3 while you can!


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