Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Gardening Interruption

"Ladies and Gentleman, we interrupt this gardening day to play with your chickens, throw worms from the dirt, and to say hello." And that is just what we did at Cherith Brook last weekend.

We said, "Hello Taryn, good to see you. Will you wipe off my wormy hands?"

"Hello Jake and Nikki, long time no see. May I try on your yellow gloves?"

"And hello Nick and Micah. I've missed you. Will you take me to see your chickens?"

"What's up Bethany, Blakely, and Anna. Nice to meet you! Did you find a worm?"

"Mommy, help me rake up their freshly planted collard greens, please?"

They were working hard on an herb garden that Taryn was in charge of, planting lavendar by the walkway so they could catch a lovely whif to and fro. Also planting herbs with medicinal qualities. Beans and collard greens were being added to the large array of vegetables in the back yard. This year they have chickens who will lay eggs, which they have built an elaborate home for. Quite a lot going on at Cherith Brook. Lord, may their harvest be rich and plentiful so they can continue to feed and care for the homeless in the Northeast neighborhoods.

1 comment:

  1. Well hellooooo little Gunyea! So nice to finally meet you. Thanks for showing me how to throw worms so effectively. Let's play in the dirt again soon.


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