Friday, April 16, 2010

Mommy's Pooped

It's nap time, you are having a very hard time falling asleep, I'm not feeling well, and all I want to do is cozy up on the couch and watch the rain fall. That would be an option, but I have lots to get done. First, I should find my planner. It's funny, but I can't even get myself to write out my to do list until I can write it in my planner. Can't find it. Maybe writing my list here will help:

  • Find planner.
  • Once planner is found, schedule some date nights with Joneses at Starlight and find babysitters.
  • Make family photo page for 3 Month Post Placement visit on Monday afternoon.
  • Schedule you a dentist appt for your two cavities in front teeth, but must call ins first to see if appt is covered, b/c appt involves admitting you to CM Hospital.
  • Mail marriage certificate to airline companies to redeem frequent flyer miles from Ethiopia trip. Then book flights to Austin w/ ff miles.
  • Ask dad what is wrong with my brakes. He mentioned the rotor needing changed, so I went to the dealership today and told them that, but they asked more questions I could not answer. And I was at the place where we bought the car, but not the Honda dealership where it would get fixed for free under warranty. That was an hour and a half of our morning that we will have to do again next Tuesday.
  • Vacuum out the car.
  • Mail two gifts to two friends.
  • Buy beets, garlic, red peppers, and cilantro to add to garden.
  • Review post-adoption list to see what's next and hope I haven't missed a deadline.
  • Bathe Owen since he rolled in a dead animal and smells horrific.
  • Take a shower.
That list took 45 minutes to write b/c I was in and out of your room trying to help you fall asleep. Here's our system which royally failed today:
Read 3 books in rocking chair (a cute little white Eames) to get you into sleep mode. If you are not in sleep mode after the last book and some rocking, then you get the choice to "Let mommy rock you" or "lay in your bed". If you don't respond then I lay you in bed and say "Go to sleep," kiss you on the forehead, and say "I love you." You respond "I love you" in the sweetest whisper. (Half of the time you lay there for a while, mumble, and put yourself to sleep.)

The other half of the time you get out of bed and start playing (after I have left my perch at your door to make sure you are lying down). So I go back to the door and you quickly jump back to lying down position.

I'll stop there, but I will let you know that I'm on my second chai latte and I should finish typing and at least get one thing checked off my list, because you are finally asleep and drooling on your pillow!


  1. Hey there! Its been awhile since we have hungout. Luke and I are in the process of adoption and I would love to talk with you more about it. Thanks! Janet (Purvis) and Luke Miedema

  2. i know someone who would be a great babysitter ;)

  3. Oh dear, I know those days far too well. Lets get our kiddos together next week. We now have a car. Nick got one yesterday so we have our car everyday. Would love to have a picnic soon!!


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