Thursday, April 8, 2010

baby talk and learning

I think I need to give up baby talk so you do not get embarrassed in front of your friends for the words I've been teaching you. I'm catching myself saying milky, eggies, sockies, shoesies and probably more. I guess I think it's cute when you say them, because I don't sound cute saying them!

You are speaking more each day. You are most likely right handed. You make sure Owen has food and water and love to pour it into his bowls. You point out every airplane you hear. You are learning to say "no thank you," instead of "no." You often put Owen's chest harness on and lead him to the door for a walk. One day I barely caught you before you headed out the back gate guiding Owen with his chest harness hanging around his neck. His tail was wagging like crazy thinking that you two were about to explore the neighborhood without me. You get really excited when you sit down for a meal, especially when it's milk (not "milky") and cereal. You love your play dough set. Thank you Mrs. Boe! You love running and bike riding with Ababayeh. You sleep very well, even through the stormy nights and wake between 7:30 and 8. You love the books Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Please Baby Please.

People often say you look happy. I pray your happiness is the joy of the Lord. May you know that He is faithful and good. May you know that He provides and that He is what we hope in. May He be our First Love.

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