Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Monte Kap

Nick and Lacey helped host the event and invited us!

Fun boys flying kites. You watched these boys wrestle and totally wanted to chime in.

Tricia and Zion stopped by to fly kites with us. With Michael's help, Zion flew his kite high in the sky! Zion was so proud of himself. We loved watching him.

You and Ababayeh had lots of fun together.

Monte Kap is the Creole word for literally means 'able to be lifted up.' Children in Haiti fly kites every Easter as symbols of hope and resurrection. Village Presbyterian Church in Prairie Village, Kansas joined them this year.

We were invited to
Monte Kap by my friend Lacey and had a wonderful time flying kites at the big park across from the Nelson. They made a video describing the event. It was neat to know that we were flying kites along with Haiti that day. May God be with the Haitian people.


  1. the boys in the picture are a few of my students! small world :)

  2. that pic of T with the sunglasses on should be in a catalog!
    SO good hanging out with you guys---let's do it again soon! looking forward to many zoo dates!


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