Sunday, April 25, 2010

Deck Addition & SW Mtg

With the help of a good friend and Ababayeh the craftsman we have a lovely new back deck. You and I eat lunch on the deck every sunny day, and the three of us have eaten most dinners back here. Ababayeh bought a nice grill off Craigslist and wheeled it home on foot about 12 hilly blocks. His forearms were sore after that! Thank you for our new deck, Ababayeh and Geo!

Our 3 month social worker meeting went well last week. There is a lengthy report that we should have had done for the meeting that I somehow missed even though I'd looked at the papers numerous times before the meeting. We must have it finished in the next few weeks, and your dad has started working on it. You played in the living room like a very well mannered boy while we sat at the table and talked about you.

She cleared up confusion I had on the readoption process. Jackson County makes it somewhat difficult to readopt a child in the States. We must hire an attorney (cha ching), gather documents, and have an official court hearing. None of this can occur until you've been home for 6 months. After we pass the court hearing, we will apply for your SS card, US birth certificate, and you will be a U.S. citizen.

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