Monday, March 26, 2012

Vaca Part II: At It's Finest

Family time at it's finest. Our friends left this morning, and we had a blast with them. Instead of having this sadness that they were gone, Michael said..."Welp, it's just the four of us now..." and then I followed with "Let's put 'em in..." and we did a "Go Team," but instead said, "Teammmm Jones!" (like we were pumping up for the big game) After that we packed up and went fishin', boys fished and the girls played under the rain fly. Then lunch and relaxation. 

Michael packed the kids up in "the mule" to go get the tent on the back 40 acres and as they were getting back in the mule, Tegegne says he wants to run all the way back to the house! Michael agrees, but is unsure he can. It's a long way uphill and he has no shoes on. With permission Tegegne takes off running, Michael and Hensley following behind, honking and cheering. Tegegne ran and ran. I look out of the house to see what the honking was about and Tegegne is smiling from ear to ear, running my way! 

He ran all the way from the back pond to the house. I don't know the actual distance, but its a long way. Michael was blown away, not as much by what he did but by his determination. Tegegne was soooo proud of himself. He talked about it all night and it was seriously cute. 

The evening ended with gooey brownies, a bon fire, and the boys asleep in the tent. This is a great vacation.

Hensley is exploring so much as well. She had many walking spurts today, learned to climb back down the stairs, and loves the long mealtimes where she can eat at her pace. 

I had the itch to go to the beach, or do a real vacation...but I'm realizing that this totally counts. It's all in my perspective. Wherever we are on vacation, the point is to kick back and enjoy each other. Of  course that couldn't happen as well at Motel 6, but I'm just sayin'. 

Go Team Jones! Love you three. 


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