Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kids: Adventure and Not-So-Much

So it's too bad the key ingredient for a tree house is the actual tree. Too bad because this yard of ours has none, nada, nilch. Not even branches dangling over from a neighbors tree. But rest assured, we will build some plaything, climbable and with optimal adventure in mind for our 4-year-old-awesome-kid this summer!

I guess it's not so bad...because the not-so-adventurous Baby Hens is not up for climbing a tree anytime soon. She will climb to the second stair and plop herself there for a bit. No walking yet, but everyone and their brother tries to get her to take those first steps...and I think that's why she hasn't taken them! I know I'll see her out of the corner of my eye any day now...strutting across the room all by herself.

Tegegne still loves to read, aka be read to. I've been picking up Stage 1 books at the library with hopes he'll start reading to me soon! Sometimes he's interested, sometimes not. I've learned that forcing it is no fun for either of us!


Mom, who looks forward to a bit of backyard adventure herself

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