Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Road Trip: And Shopping Tips

Where she wished she would have been when we were out shopping all day!
So it was a rainy day and Hens and I took a "road trip" out of the city into the fine county of Johnson...aka Johnson County. Where they are charging 9.something% sales tax. One of those things I never look at until I bought a pair of sandals and thought I'd just paid for shipping on a pair of shoes I purchased in the store! 

I got some great tips from sales associates today. We are in the midwest where folks are just plain friendly, but it was extra noticeable today! Or maybe they just worked off commission. Either way, they sold me! 

Did you know that when purchasing vitamins, capsules will get you more of the nutrients than hard pills? And of course the liquid form gives you the maximum percentage of vitamin absorption. 

The shoe salesman suggested that a slight heal (like just 1/2") would be much more comfortable and better for my feet than a flat shoe. I did not know this.

And this is not a tip, but have you tried Nature's Path Optimum Blueberry Cinnamon Cereal? Yum. A friend is doing a diet with no oil, and this is one of the few cereals that doesn't contain oil. It was a sampling item at Whole Foods, so after Hensley and I had nearly a cups worth of samples, I bought a box. I'm so glad I did. I mean the word Optimum is in bold capitol letters on the box!

On a less healthy note, I'd love to try these easy peasy cinnamon rolls soon!

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