Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hensley: You Walked!

Hensley! You walked today! Your first 6 independent steps were at the library during story time. You were right in front of me standing, looking intently at a child with a snack nearby. Then you did it. 1 step, 2, 3, 4, and not just 5 but 6 steps toward that child with the snack. Then you stopped and stood there. I looked around so eager to interrupt the story and tell everyone, but I kept my mom cool. Just whispered it to a friend, and she shared in my delight!

Your dad got home and you walked for him. Then we thought...oh, we should document this! So I grabbed the camera and got these steps...

Here are some other photos to remind us of your personality at one!

On your birthday: your shy expression...tucking your chin in to your shoulder with a slightly furrowed brow. 
Yummy in my tummy. Must get every last bite. 
Here's the full furrowed brow. Watch out!
Those toes sneak up to your tray all of the time. Silly toes! Toes are not for eating.
Lovin' Uncle Eric and wearing his childhood sweater made by Great Grandma Cox.
Getting a ride from Grandpa Ben.

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