Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bicycle Basket: Eats

Cinnamon Brown Butter Bread, Smitten Kitchen
Made these this morning and yum. Cinnamon Brown Butter Bread, by Smitten Kitchen. Any recipe that has you brown butter has to be a winner. Tegegne and I baked during Hensley's morning nap. Which she takes only sometimes, and we or I love it when she does! (Do you want to know my dilemma when trying to decide between muffins or a sweet bread? I thought...phew...I'm could eat over half of whatever I make being uber-hungry-prego-mama, so would it look better to only have 6 mini muffins sitting there when Michael comes home, or half of a loaf of bread? He is super polite and would not say anything, but it's my conscience that I've got to deal with.)

This turkey quinoa meatloaf is soooo good! Micah and Taryn made it for us Sunday night and it was delish! 

For Hensley's birthday party I made mini (crockpot) meatball sliders (similar), Taryn's moms easy cheesy potatoes (similar, but she uses country style hash browns which are small round potatoes), and a tasty winter salad with mixed greens, oranges, slivered almonds, crisp apples, feta cheese, red onions, croutons, and Cardini's pear vinaigrette

Made Julia Child's crepe recipe for dinner last night. We did ham, wilted spinach, and a creamy cheese sauce. And then of course the dessert crepe with Nutella and strawberries!

That once sleeping baby is now on my lap throwing a fit because she doesn't get another cinnamon muffin! We are both done, I'm telling her...she's not buying it, so farewell and happy eating!



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  1. That bread looks amazing. Also wanted to pass along a nomination for Versatile Blogger. :)


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