Sunday, March 4, 2012

Conversations: with Tegegne

Tegegne: Daddy, I want to be a store owner when I grow up. 
Ababayeh: What store, son?
T: Aldi. I want to own a Aldi.

Mommy: Wow, what other stores do you want to own? 
T: Aahhh, the Mexican one.
M: Abarrotes? 
T: Yeah. Abarrotes.

Then he proceeded to tell us his work schedule and that he'll be really busy with work. Aldi closes at 1 then he goes to Abarrotes and it closes at, 6! He's going to be very busy and go to bed when it gets dark, so he'll have to spend time with his family in the mornings. He wants 5 kids, but later said 16. He wants to marry "Ababayeh." 

(Sitting at breakfast with the kids and Hensley is trying to communicate that she's ready for another bite.)
T: Mommy, what are we going to do when the new baby is crying and Hensley is crying at the same time?
M: Ha! That is a great question. I think I'll need your help.
T: Hensley! Stop crying because there is a new baby coming that is going to cry really loud. 

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