Monday, March 19, 2012

Good Evening: And Good Night

Tegegne, Spring 2010
Good evening. There are many signs of spring here in the midwest, and we are so grateful. Folks are getting reacquainted with their neighbors and the grass is nearly all green. I'm wishing for a garden so badly, but then I remember that I've tried that before and I did not put forth the effort to make those poor plants grow. We do have a great farmers market a few blocks away. 

Things are well with the Joneses. Spring break for Michael next week and we are looking forward to a retreat to Big Sky with dear friends. Fishing, bon fires, reading, frisbee, and relaxation. We will hold down the fort while Grandpa Ben and Gramma Debby are in the Big Apple. 

I asked Tegegne if he thinks this baby in route is a boy or girl. Tonight he thought boy. I asked him if he still wanted to adopt, or just have 3...because 3 is plenty, right? He says for sure adopt. A boy and a girl and he wants to have bunk beds! Michael and I are thinking that if this baby is a girl, then we will adopt a boy between Hensley and Tegegne's ages. Someone for Tegegne to really wrestle with, because Hensley is only in the mood for that 1/3 of the time. We will find out the sex of our baby soon enough!

I go to the doctor for my 12 week check up Wednesday. This pregnancy has been pretty similar to my last one, aka, not a walk in the park. Not unbearable either. The nausea is lessening, and I do have energy during the day. I look forward feeling this growing baby's movements. And then I remember that we must name this baby, but where will I look for inspiration because we rarely go to movies and I used to write down so many names when the credits would roll! Neither of our kids were named via movie credits, but still. 

Michael and I have really enjoyed our small group. Last night we sat for 2 hours and had an informal marriage counseling session. A good discussion that spurred after reading this article found via A Cup of Jo's Articles Club

Well, good night.


P.S. Turn down the sound b/c it's a windy video, but look at that little guy run!

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