Monday, February 1, 2010

Well son, we had lunch for over an hour today. Definitely not a typical American meal time. I enjoyed the long meal with you, but I was worried that you were going to eat too much. I think you have a hollow leg.

Your pops had his first day back to school. We missed him. His students and coworkers are so nice. They gave him a party on your behalf and showered you with gifts. They are wonderful.

My coworkers brought us dinner. Awesome. We are getting notes of encouragement and packages in the mail. We are so grateful for our sweet sweet friends and loyal community.

(Thank you all for your support and generosity.)


  1. Praise God. It is so good to see him sitting at the table and eating. We pray that you guys are all doing well. -Tim,Abigail,Winnie

  2. Such a good sight - seeing him in YOUR home!! Keep scarfing down that food, Tegegne!


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