Monday, February 8, 2010

we just knew

WE JUST KNEW that we would love you and have so much fun, but now it's real. You are so much fun! I can see the joy of the Lord in your face, little guy. You've learned some sign language, you say please then smile so big because you can tell that we are proud. You have gained 3 lbs in 2 weeks. Today you got 6 vaccinations...two nurses coming at each little leg with me holding you. Not fun. You kiss us all of the time. You say mommy to me along with every other woman you see that you interact with. Same with Ababa. Even the doctor was Ababa. By the end of the 3 hour appointment you learned the word doctor. You love socks on your little toes. You even gave your big dog a lingering hug yesterday. When we are approaching the door of the house you start saying, "Owwwweeenn." And he so kindly greets you at the door. Your dad left for the store yesterday and you cried. You love being with him. Last night he got food poisoning and was very sick-all night and still this morning. Phew. It was hard for you to see him so sick.

WE JUST KNEW that you would have the yellow bed at the transition home.
Your bed at home is yellow too. We were quite excited to see your sweet little bed!


  1. I love your sling that you are wearing- it looks comfy. Could you tell me where to find one? I am so glad things are going well and that your sweet little boy is feeling better! Erin Jay

  2. Hi Krystyn,

    We're fellow AWAA Ethiopia members who are waiting on our I-171 to be DTE! Just wanted to also say that I love that sling (and would also love to know where you got it) as well as your blog, and your writing style, and everything else! We've been praying for your family and are thrilled that he is feeling better. He's adorable! The Chambers


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