Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nice to Meet You's

Nice to meet you GiGi Ma and Pa Jones. Thank you for the teddy bear and organic bananas and peanut butter sandwich. I loved meeting you!

Nice to meet you cousins Mason, Landon, and Logan. Mason, you were so fun to be with! Thanks for showing me the ropes. Logan and Landon, sweet treehouse bedroom.

Nice to meet you Cousin Ethan. I'm so glad we are the same size. I loved playing with you. (Uncle Danny, Aunt Katie, and Baby Chloe not pictured.)

And nice to meet you Neighbor Jessie. Thank you for the crayons, doctor kit, and books. And thanks for pulling my cowboy boots off the shelf. Next time I'll consider clothes when you visit.


  1. T and Ethan have the same expression on their faces. Priceless.


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