Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Funny Guy

New Years 2009.

Camp Kivu (previously Kanakuk Colorado) several summers ago.

Just as we'd hoped...we have another funny guy in the house. Some people laughed and said that your dad and I would probably have a really reserved and shy child...which is quite opposite of our personalities. You are definitely not shy and you recently learned the word "funny". You were pointing to yourself and saying funny while wearing the orange glasses. You had me laughing good. Maybe someday you will fill your dad's shoes as the funny guy at a summer camp. Or your dad and I will become more reserved and you will be cracking us up all of the time. Or the three of us will keep being who we are and we'll each make a funny every now and then. I think every family photo from here on out will have a serious and a funny pose. You know what's funny to me? I've been teaching you all of these words, repeating them over and over and I get tickled at the sounds of our words. Like funny for example. You are teaching me some of your words too.

Baboo to you means bread.
Oo-ah is water.
Cah-cah is potty or anything icky.
All-A is up.
Then there are lots of other sentences that may mean something, but I'm not sure so I just smile and nod.

(Side plug for Kivu: If you want the summer of your life, and are between 18-30 yrs old, work at Camp Kivu in Durango, Colorado. If you are between 13-18 yrs old, go to Camp Kivu! The experience rocks! It is a summer you will never forget!)

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  1. What a perfect fit! Isn't God's plan perfect?!?!

    (Love the pics by the way!)


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