Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mommy Wow

I said "Potty?" then you said "Potty!" and next thing I knew you were using your potty. Way to go buddy! It's a great day in the world of motherhood. Before the potty, we made a fort in the living room and a band with wooden spoons and mixing bowls in the kitchen.

Today I'm learning that nap time is when moms clean up, drink chai lattes, and on good days they paint their nails. They also make important calls, email their friends, check facebook, and update their blog. On really good days they prep for dinner, change and fold some laundry, and write thank you notes. Nap times have the potential to make moms very productive.

After your nap time your friend Zion and his mom, Tricia are coming to play with you. I cannot wait for this play date!

We are missing your dad and look forward to the moment he walks in the door!


  1. Way to go T! You're rockin it! Wow, your mommy is super cool and productive. She's making us all look bad! Tell her to keep it up! We're so happy you're feeling better.
    Your friends from Texas and ET!

  2. Hooray! Wish I could be there for the fort makin' and music time! Miss you guys...can't wait to be home.


  3. And on really really really good days, they nap, too! :)


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