Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tegegne's Little Friend

This is a video of one of your sweet little friends at the Transition Home. We were so sad to leave him that day. We were getting in the van to leave, you saw him, nearly jumped off of my lap saying his name. We got out of the van and hung out with him for a minute. You lit up and were so glad to be near him. Hard to leave that little fellow. I got home and was so excited to figure out who his new mommy and daddy will be. He was just adopted and has spent the first few days at his new home! His new mommy gladly said that I could share this video here. He lives north of Chicago, but his mommy said they have a friend in KC so we can make arrangements to get together sometime. One of my favorite things to do with you is show you videos and pictures of your friends from Ethiopia. You light up and say their names over and over. I cannot wait for you to make special friends here. We are working on that and I know God will provide!

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  1. all littler toddler boys are Tegegne's to Winnie. SHe loves to look at his pictures!!


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